Despite this name this isn't a massage just for you and your significant other, you may want to relax with a friend or family member as well. No matter who you are with it is about the relaxation of you both. This service also comes in the increments of 30 minutes to two hours, for $90 - $235.

What we offer you


If you feel stressed and you don't frequently do heavy lifting, then our Theraputic  massage therapy is perfect for you. During this massage, we customize the massage to your body needs. Combining the main modalities of Swedish and Deep Tissue when needed to relax muscles and improve blood flow. In fact, it helps relieve different ailments, such as fibromyalgia and arthritis. Prices range from $50-$165.


From work events to private parties with you and your dearest friends and family, Saged Hands is here to make it not only special but very enriching. Whether it is chair massages or table massages with you and a group of friends. We ask for the event to be longer than one hour and the price ranges depending on time period and how many therapist are needed.


We help you relax and feel more focused by using essential oils and infused lotions. Aromatherapy massages also ease depression and boost energy levels. This service is available for $55-$170.


Massage therapy during pregnancy promotes overall wellness for the mother's body. Prenatal massages assist to alleviate leg and back pains. For this service, clients will lie on their side or in a semi-reclining position using pillows for support and comfort. After a prenatal massage, the mother will feel more connected to her baby. Rates start from $50-$170.


Do you suffer from muscle tensions but don't want to get a deep tissue massage, or you just want to pamper yourself? A hot stone massage is what you need. As suggested by the name of the treatment, we use flat, smooth, and hot stones to relax your muscles. One-hour, One and a half-hour, and two-hour sessions are priced at $100, $150 and $200, respectively.

Sugar Scrubs

Applied with Moist warm towels, our choice of areas such as the hands, feet, or back the scrubs is used to exfoliate skin, After the scrub is removed you will receive a massage that further relax and rejuvenate your arms and legs. This service is available from only$55-170


For the athletes that want to be at their very best. With various technique before and after the big game or event we will have you at your best to win and be the best. You may receive a sports massage from thirty minutes up to two hours with the pricing ranging from $65 to $180.