Reduce stress and body pains through the services of Saged Hands Massage Therapy, we offer mobile services. We service in and around Jackson, Mississippi area, to provide various therapeutic massages, from Swedish massage to soft scrub treatments. Through massage therapy, you can reduce muscle pains, headaches, and joint problems. Aside from these benefits, a therapeutic massage enhances your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

At Saged Hands Massage Therapy, we value your satisfaction. We make sure to arrive at your location promptly for your scheduled time. Our highly trained therapists are proudly associated with the American Massage Therapy Association™. Contact us today for massage therapy services that will help alleviate your body pains, reduce stress and increase relaxation.


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Our team is made up of passionate and experienced massage therapist, all licensed in the state of Mississippi.

Jere Jones, LMT 2312​

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